Jonathan Johnson
Responsible for Rooted’s vision, strategy, hiring, and fundraising. Award-winning, former Social Studies teacher. Echoing Green, Camelback Ventures, and NewSchools Venture Fund fellows. Chapman University alum.

Adrien Maught
Responsible for Rooted’s world class operational framework. Entrepreneur and former Education Pioneers Fellow. Former Spanish teacher and baseball coach. Speaking of baseball, he loves the Red Sox. Tulane MBA. Sewanee alum .


Board of Directors

Matt Candler  Founder and CEO – 4.0 Schools
Travis Chase  Development Director – Teach For America, Greater New Orleans-Louisiana Delta
Kesana Durand  Attorney and Counserlor-at-Law – Branford Durand, LLC
Kyle Finke  Director, Louisiana Resource Center for Educators TEACH!
Lourdes Moran  Accounts Receivable Manager – Altus Global Trade Solutions
Tony Zanders  Vice President of Global Customer Development – EBSCO Information Services