At the office

Entering adulthood financially free is possible again.

The practical, real-world learning that takes place at Rooted was designed for a world where college is not the assumed path for every student – but where thriving in the community of their choice is the end game. Whether at home or abroad. And for a lifetime.

We do this by training students to meet the rigorous demands of their college of choice, while also partnering with companies to expose students to life as a productive professional. Bridges begin to build: between algebra and developing iPhone apps, language arts and sending email marketing campaigns, history and designing a community outreach program.

Being thoughtful about the way technology has changed every aspect of our society enables Rooted to take a fresh look at traditional subjects, ensuring students aren’t just book smart, but also tech savvy. Our classes spend an average of 5 hours each day typing and using web apps, and an average of 450 hours each semester learning how those apps are built and designed behind the scenes. Enabling local industry to help shape curriculum unlocks unprecedented opportunities for students to develop a true context for why getting good grades matter, while instilling a sense of purpose in students that their community is stronger when they are involved.