The How


The practical, real-world learning that takes place at Rooted is designed with the understanding that college is not an assumed path for every student.  The end game then becomes developing students who thrive in their respective communities. 

We do this by training students to meet the rigorous demands of college, while also partnering with companies to expose students to what life is like in a professional work environment. Bridges begin to build between algebra and developing iPhone apps, language arts and e-mail marketing campaigns, history and designing a community outreach program.

Being thoughtful about the way technology has changed every aspect of our society enables Rooted to take a fresh look at traditional subjects.  We ensure that students are both content-area knowledgeable as well as tech savvy. Our classes spend an average of 5 hours each day using web apps, and an average of 450 hours each semester learning how those apps are created and designed. Enabling local industry to help shape our curriculum unlocks unprecedented opportunities for our students, developing a true context for learning and an over-arching focus on purposeful, relevant core content. 

We believe that our communities become stronger when our students are involved in a meaningful way.


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For half the school day, students rotate through their core classes on-line using comprehensive digital curricula.  Students learn at their own pace while teachers provide academic supports, interventions and enrichment.

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The other half of the school day, students engage in industry-focused project-based learning experiences designed by Rooted’s teachers and industry partners. Projects are designed around specific community problems that students work to solve. 

Students can graduate with an advanced industry credential in one of the numerous technology sectors en route to entry-level employment with one of Rooted’s industry partners.

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By junior year, a Rooted student will spend up to half of the school day interning with an industry partner or completing college and/or technical school courses.

This will position committed students for acceptance to a post-secondary program and/or a job offer for entry-level employment with one of our partners.

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To deliver on our promise of financial freedom through college and career, we provide a range of  social supports that aim to help our students develop the college and workplace readiness skills to succeed after high school.

These include: 

Personalized college and career counseling

Professional skills training

 1:1 adult mentorship