The Why


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We exist to provide our students personal pathways to financial freedom. 



We exist to see our students financially free.

Some will get there with a college next to their name. Others without.

Some will come to our doors already born into it. Others won’t.

Our job is not to decide how they get there. It is to provide them options for how they get there.

So we provide options that teach them how to learn in an ever-changing world, develop their skill sets in the most in-demand job sectors, and create technology that transforms communities as we know them.

Our first school offers opportunities for students across the digital sector.

Many students will graduate with highly sought for jobs in tech—paying well above the local median.

Many students will go onto college with a refined purpose and context for being there.

All will leave with a job offer in one hand and a college acceptance letter in the other.

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We push ourselves to grow at all times.

We are prepared.

We put people first.

We push the limits of what’s possible.

We never forget where we come from.