Culture Interventionist (DEADLINE is June 15, 2019 @ 6pm CT)  

In your role, you will be a lead executor of our School Environment Plan and Restorative Practices model for grades 9-11.

As our Culture Interventionist, you will work in step with our Director of School Environment and school counselors to fulfill our school-wide vision for positive behavior interventions, social and emotional learning, and mental health while responding urgently and effectively to harm caused in student-to-student/adult-to-student relationships.

Above all, you will help us determine how we will fulfill the Rooted Promise. This might not work. It might not be fun. I hope you’ll do it anyway.


  1. We want teammates who demonstrate a passion for and commitment to Rooted's mission

  2. We want teammates who thrives in a startup environment (mainly comfort with change and ambiguity, strong initiative)

  3. We want teammates with least three years' experience in upper middle school and/or high school with a low-income or high needs population with a track record of outstanding results

  4. We want teammates who demonstrate a personal philosophy of high expectations for students that relies upon supportive structures, secure adult attachments, and personal responsibility

  5. We want teammates with a developing knowledge of successful implementation of restorative practices in an upper middle school and/or high school setting with a low-income or high needs population

  6. We want teammates with experience designing proactive measures to promote student growth and success, track record of results with a low-income or nigh needs population

  7. We want teammates with extraordinary initiative in creation, iteration and improvement of cultural systems and structures

  8. We want teammates with strong skill in analyzing student discipline data, coupled with a deep commitment to data-driven decision making

  9. We want teammates who are highly organized with the ability to develop organizational systems that promote efficiency and efficacy

  10. We want teammates committed to researching and remaining abreast of best school environment practices that may advance our mission

  11. We want teammates with an unwavering commitment to radical transparency and radical open-mindedness

areas of responsibility include

  1. Co-create, revise, + maintain restorative practices systems and structures at Rooted School

  2. Contribute to rituals, routines, and celebrations to promote a positive and joyful school environment

  3. Proactively respond to student behavior by designing innovative solutions to address student needs

  4. Develop strong relationships with students, families, community members, and Rooted teammates

  5. Meticulously maintain, monitor, and report on student data (discipline, culture, and attendance), and provide student supports in response to data

  6. Collaborate with school counselor and Rooted teammates to effectively respond to student needs and implement behavior interventions with targeted students

  7. Offer coaching and supports to school teammates in effective response to student behavior and the promotion of a positive educational environment

  8. Ensure due process and legal compliance with all disciplinary actions, accurately document all school communication and responses to discipline

  9. Actively engage in creating a strong school culture. Every team member is responsible for helping establish Rooted's culture among students, partners, and the community-at-large


Competitive salary commensurate with experience, as well as comprehensive benefits package.

to apply

If you're as excited about this role as we are, email a cover letter, resume and answers to the questions in the "To Apply" section to our founder/ceo at

Please submit your application by June 15 @ 6pm CT.