Special Education Teacher (DEADLINE is March 29 @ 6pm CT) 

In your role, you will be a lead executor of providing differentiated supports to our students with exceptional learning and behavioral needs.

As one of our Special Educators, you will work in step with our instructional team to fulfill our school-wide vision for grades 9-11 and respond urgently and effectively to student needs to bring that vision to a reality.

Above all, you will help us determine how we will fulfill the Rooted Promise. This might not work. It might not be fun. I hope you’ll do it anyway.


  1. We want teammates who demonstrate a passion for and commitment to Rooted's mission

  2. We want teammates who have an unwavering commitment to radical transparency and radical open-mindedness (that, regardless of how much you know about something, you could be wrong)

  3. We want teammates who thrive in a startup environment (mainly comfort with change and ambiguity, strong initiative)

  4. We want teammates who have at least three years' teaching experience as a special educator in upper middle school and/or high school in a low-income or high needs population with a track record of outstanding academic results

  5. We want teammates who have extensive knowledge of research-based academic and behavioral interventions and supports (preferred)

  6. We want teammates who exhibit an exceptional ability to execute at a high level in small group environments while concurrently building secure relationships with students

  7. We want teammates who are deeply invested in restorative practices and are masters of classroom management

  8. We want teammates who are strong analyzers of student work and student data, coupled with a deep commitment to data-driven decision making

  9. We want teammates who have experience in school(s) which rely heavily on differentiated supports for student learning as a means to rapidly develop content knowledge and skills (preferred)

  10. We want teammates who have experience in school(s) which rely heavily on digital curriculum as a means to develop basic content knowledge and skills (preferred)

  11. We want teammates who are committed to researching and remaining abreast of best instructional practices that may advance our mission

areas of responsibility include (but aren’t limited to)

  1. Refining, + maintaining student support program at Rooted School

  2. Meticulously monitoring student data, provide frequent feedback and targeted student support in response to data

  3. Ensuring all compliance expectations are met for each student on your caseload

  4. Collaborate with and give feedback to the instructional team serving students on your caseload

  5. Consistently implementing and executing student interventions with flexible grouping

  6. Actively engaging in creating a strong school culture. Every team member is responsible for helping establish Rooted's culture among students, partners, and the community-at-large.


Competitive salary commensurate with experience, as well as comprehensive benefits package.

to apply

If you're as excited about this role as we are, email a cover letter, resume and answers to the questions in the "To Apply" section to our founder/ceo at work@rootedschool.org.

Please submit your application by March 29 @ 6pm CT.