Technology Coach (DEADLINE is March 31st @ 6pm CT) 

In your role, you will be one of three architects in developing and executing our tech-focused, project-based curriculum across three buckets (3D Printing, Digital Media, Game Development). You will support both sides of our technology model in the following ways daily:

Project-Based Learning: You will teach and co-curate curriculum for multiple sections of intensive 6-12 week sessions where students spend 45 minutes a day tackling a problem through the lens of learning a major tech skill (Coding, 3D Printing, Digital Media, Game Development).

Consultative Program Support: You will support multiple sections of daily consultation on our online platform where you will assist students, push their thinking, and design projects and modifications for Front End Web Development or Full Stack JavaScript/Python.

Your team will establish a school-wide vision for grades 9-10 and build the curriculum to bring that vision to a reality.

Above all, you will help us get students to do adult work sooner. It won’t be easy, but we hope you’ll do it anyway.


  1. Demonstrates a passion for and commitment to Rooted's mission
  2. Thrives in a startup environment (mainly comfort with change and ambiguity, strong initiative)
  3. Unwavering commitment to radical transparency and radical open-mindedness
  4. At least two years experience teaching high school in a low-income or high needs population with a track record of outstanding academic results OR proficiency in at least one of the primary sectors we teach (i.e. Computer Programming, Digital Media, Game Development, 3D Printing)
  5. Ability to learn new skills rapidly and turn those new skills into well-scaffolded instructional lessons
  6. Committed to researching and remaining abreast of best instructional practices that may advance our mission
  7. Ability to participate in “moonlighting” phase for a minimum of 5-10 hours a week for spring 2018, where you will learn the skills you will need to successfully execute and design the curriculum
  8. Strong familiarity with Google Apps for Education (Classroom, Docs, Spreadsheets, etc.) is preferred.

areas of responsibility include

  1. Instruction + Support: Leading daily learning experiences that guide students toward learning entry-level hard and soft skills while solving community problems
  2. Curriculum Development + Curation: Short-term and long-term planning for problem-based curriculum and consultative program that guides students toward mastering entry-level hard and soft skills to work for our partners in the tech sector
  3. Miscellaneous Responsibilities: Leading a daily advisory group, duty posts, and anything else that may support our team along the way toward our mission
  4. Plan for Growth and Expansion: Potentially leading our plan to create a broader ecosystem of Rooted Schools in Indy and beyond
  5. Culture Creation: Every team member is responsible for helping establish Rooted's culture among students, partners, and the community-at-large


Competitive salary commensurate with experience, as well as comprehensive benefits package.

to apply

If you're as excited about this role as we are, email a cover letter, resume and answers to the questions in the "To Apply" section to our founder/ceo at

Please submit your application by March 31st @ 6pm CT.