Your support helps us anchor our promise to students and their families. Click on the link below to give through PayPal’s secure online server.

  • Recurring gifts offer you the opportunity to easily make regular and affordable gifts to Rooted over time rather than making a single, larger gift. Simply tell us a donation amount and it will automatically be deducted from your credit card monthly. With recurring gifts, your regular contributions add up over time to ensure Rooted is here to stay. Recurring gifts are easy for you and cost effective for us. You may change or cancel your gift plan at any time. If you would like to set up a recurring gift, you may do so online.
  • Check by Mail: Please make checks payable to ‘‘Rooted School” and send to:
Rooted School
643 Magazine Street, Suite #206
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
(Please include a letter with your name, address, phone number, email address, and donation amount, so we can show our gratitude for your support. And let us know if there’s a specific program area you would like to support. If no area is specified, your donation will be directed where it’s needed most.)
  • Wire Transfers and Securities: For instructions on transferring cash and other assets, including publicly traded stocks and bonds, non-publicly traded securities, real estate, or planned gift arrangements, email Jonathan Johnson at
  • Foreign Currency: Rooted accepts foreign currency, including checks, but due to collection and conversion costs, checks should have a minimum value of $100. Please add “US dollars” on the amount line of your check.


(last updated January 8, 2016)

Rooted School does not copy, reproduce, publish, post, distribute, share or sell, the name, personal contact information or description of donors to any outside individual or business.  Exceptions are those required by law, requested in grant applications or in connection with bank credit or debit card transactions that may be made without prior knowledge or consent of the donor.  If a donor chooses to remain anonymous, they can send their request to

Rooted School does acknowledge donors by name and/or description of donation, in certain printed material such as newsletters, brochures, annual reports, press releases, event invitations or programs, stationery, solicitation letters or other means of expressing appreciation for the donor’s assistance.

Rooted School will provide, at least annually, a means for both new and continuing donors to inform the charity if they do not want their names acknowledged on any of the printed materials mentioned above.

A donor wishing to view samples of these publications may do so by contacting the organization at the address or email listed in the Contact Us section in our side bar.  If a donor chooses to opt out of any acknowledgement listings in printed material, the donor’s name and address are made available only to members and/or staff of Rooted School who are responsible for managing the funds or business of the organization.

All records of donations to Rooted School are maintained by the company according to the applicable standards of record retention in effect at the time of the donation.  All records will be maintained in a secure location of the organization.

Refund Policy

Rooted School does not provide refunds for donations.