The Rooted Team

Watch the video above to get to know our founders, teachers, and staff.

Jonathan Johnson

Founder & CEO
Responsible for Rooted’s vision, strategy, hiring, and fundraising. Award-winning, former Social Studies teacher. Fellow in Echoing Green, Camelback Ventures, and NewSchools Venture Fund. Chapman University alum.

Adrien Maught

Responsible for Rooted’s world class operational framework. Entrepreneur and former Education Pioneers Fellow. Former Spanish teacher and baseball coach. Speaking of baseball, he loves the Red Sox. Tulane MBA. Sewanee alum.

Talia Livneh

is Rooted's Founding Math Teacher! She recently completed her fourth year teaching Geometry at ReNew Accelerated High School here in New Orleans. 96% of her students passed last year--57% goods and excellents (go Talia!). An adored member of the Teach For America family, Talia was/is known for an unquenchable thirst to grow as an educator and build community. She will likely be the ring leader planning our scavenger hunt around the city--final destination being her favorite place which is City Park. Speaking of scavenging, you can catch her rollin' around the city on her bike bobbing her head to Fleetwood Mack.

Kaitlin Karpinski

is one of Rooted's Founding Assistant School Leaders! Kaitlin joins us after being a Principal of an 8th-12th grade charter school in Gary, Indiana. Kaitlin will head much of the curriculum development and instructional coaching on our team. I could go on for days about Kaitlin's (and her team's) achievements during her service but was able to increase her school's letter grade from F to a C+ in two years. She helped in some rebuilding efforts after Katrina, and recently has made New Orleans her permanent home. 

Frank Ingargiola

is one of Rooted's Founding Assistant School Leaders! He is leading in creating and managing intuitive systems for collecting, tracking, and reporting student and staff academic/cultural progress. Frank joins Rooted after working as a consultant and serving as an Adjunct Lecturer in English at Union County College before that. Frank has enjoyed a very successful career as an educator and Principal of schools in New York and New Jersey. In six years as a Principal of Pequannock Township High School, he helped increase Language Arts & Literacy scores by 143% and Math scores by 33% in two years. The school was recognized as the number 25 high school in the State of New Jersey and one of the top 100 high schools across the country. 

Lousia Mink

is Rooted's Founding Special Education Teacher! Prior to Rooted, she completed her fourth year teaching Math and Special Education at Phillis Wheatley Community School here in New Orleans. After a recent shift to station rotations (among other things), Louisa is leading the local network of ANET schools in 8th grade math instruction. She's a standout instructor in every way. From Connecticut, German roots, she's got three dogs and one kitten. 

Ryan Strivers

is Rooted's Founding Developer Coach! Ryan was previously an educational consultant and pursuing his Master's at Columbia SPA. Before that, he was a Dean of Student Experience, Instructional Coach, and Director of Orientation at ReNew Accelerated High School. Known for his ability to build systems and structures, Ryan will establish the foundational systems our students will need to follow in order to access the complex set of tech skills at their disposal at Rooted. Ryan will also do tech project teaching. A Pisces (but you wouldn't know it), he apparently hosts a great St. Patty's Day party.

Brittany Jayroe

is Rooted's Founding Humanities Teacher! Brittany was most recently a Social Studies Department Chair at Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School and recently finished her Master's at Relay Graduate School of Education. Brittany is constantly sought after in her school for her otherworldly ability to plan and was time and time again touted for being one of the best go-getters people have every worked with in their careers. 

Christina LeBlanc

is Rooted's Founding Operations Manager! Christina was most recently a School Choice Advisor for the Recovery School District where she helped New Orleans families find schools that met their child's needs. With over nine years of experience in data management in schools and event planning, Christina manages the day-to-day needs behind the scenes that keep our school on pace to achieve our ambitious mission . Known for her ability to build close relationships with students and families, Christina received her B.A in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. 

Board of Directors

Rooted is supported by a great group of thought leaders. For more on our board, click here.

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