Joining Team Rooted

We want teammates who won’t let their past selves dictate who they will become.

We want teammates who are committed to expanding new heights of personal growth (and won’t make excuses for why they can’t grow).

We want teammates who, regardless of their experiences and expertise, approach every situation with an openness to the possibility that they might be wrong.

We want teammates who put others ahead of themselves.

We want teammates filled with daring hearts and a relentless work ethic to chase what others say can’t be done.

If this sounds like you, we hope you’ll consider joining us on this journey.





None at this time. Please check back periodically and always feel free to come take a tour to see our incredible students in action!

If you’re as excited about this as we are, then send us an e-mail with the position you're applying for in the subject line, a cover letter, resume, and answers to the questions below to our founder/ceo at

  • Explain what prompted you to apply for this role at Rooted and what interests you most about the position.

  • Tell us about a time you had a measurable (e.g. quantitative) impact on a job or an organization.

  • Share your biggest area for growth (i.e. If you improved in this area, it would have significant impact in your future professional endeavors.)