New Orleans

Rooted School New Orleans

From its origins as a 15-student pilot in a local high school, Rooted School New Orleans is now recognized as one of the most innovative public charter college and career high schools in the country. For a student body that is more than 90% non-white, Rooted School New Orleans aims to build the professional skills of underserved students and connect them with career and academic opportunities through place-based programs and partnerships with local companies. 


Rooted School Indianapolis

The Rooted School Indianapolis campus opened in Fall 2020 in partnership with Eastern Star Church’s The ROCK Initiative. A public charter college and career high school, Rooted School Indy aims to expand high-quality school options for underserved students in the area, partnering with local technology companies, Ivy Tech Community College, and other organizations to provide the resources and opportunities our students need to succeed in their collegiate and professional careers.


Rooted School Vancouver

Projected to open in Fall 2023, Rooted School Vancouver seeks to reduce the racial wealth gap for Vancouver’s 44% non-white students by equipping them with the skills to make the most of the excellent career and economic opportunities in the area. The fields of engineering, IT, healthcare, and manufacturing project nearly 1,700 job openings over the next five years, not including potential openings in nearby Portland’s booming tech industry. Rooted School Vancouver will be the first high school of its kind in the area.

Clark County

Rooted School Clark County

With a target launch of Fall 2023, Rooted School Clark County will bring the Rooted School model to a school district whose population is 76% non-white. Rooted School Clark County aims to increase the number of students in the area who become local engineers, IT professionals, healthcare professionals, and manufacturing professionals. Our school will be among the first charter high schools launched in Clark County with the mission to rapidly reduce America’s wealth gap by connecting underserved and talented teenagers with career and financial pathways.