"After a rough start, Johnson became known as the 'warrior teacher' because his classroom was all about 'fighting the war on low expectations for African-American youth.'"
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“Public education is not creating a way out for kids like we need it to be,” says Johnson. “We have to figure out how to serve these kids in different ways.” 
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“Rooted School aims to bridge the gap between what’s being taught in high schools and what skills are needed for the jobs being created in Greater New Orleans’ high-growth, high-wage industries.”
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The Hechinger Report
“[Rooted School] even may be able to offer students an income while in high school through internships with various local tech companies that work in search engine optimization, marketing, and software development.”
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NewsOne with Roland Martin
Martin talks with NOLA’s youngest charter school CEO, Jonathan Johnson, Founder of Rooted School, about his vision for educating the youth of New Orleans and the tragic story of one of his former students named Rickey Summers.
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The 74
“NOLA's Rooted School looks to tech to close black-white [wealth] gap within it's students' lifetime.”
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