Opening fall 2017, Rooted School will be a charter high school in New Orleans and beyond that prepares students to compete for the same jobs as college graduates–directly after high school if they so choose. Our first school will build career paths to the technology sector. However, each school of 240 students will be its own unique pipeline to a high-growth industry sector. Learn more about our educational model here.


In the Press

Listen to Rooted’s Founder and CEO, Jonathan Johnson describe where the concept for Rooted came from with NPR’s Michel Martin. And for more background on Rooted, click here.

Also featured in

FastCompany: “Public education is not creating a way out for kids like we need it to be,” says Johnson. “We have to figure out how to serve these kids in different ways.” Read more.

Forbes: “Rooted School aims to bridge the gap between what’s being taught in high schools and what skills are needed for the jobs being created in Greater New Orleans’ high-growth, high-wage industries.” Read more.

The Hechinger Report: “[Rooted School] even may be able to offer students an income while in high school through internships with various local tech companies that work in search engine optimization, marketing, and software development.” Read more.