Q. How is Rooted School different?

It starts with our mission, we’re trying to get high school students as competitive for high-tech jobs as college graduates. That’s ambitious but we and our industry partners believe it’s possible.

To do this, we’ve made several adjustments to our school’s approach. Some adjustments may look similar to the typical high school. Some adjustments won’t. All adjustments were made with the goal of being “as competitive” in heart and mind.

Some key differences we’ll highlight are these:

Students have school for 192 days with spaced out week-long breaks throughout. We know it’s more than what’s expected from the state but it’s what we think is necessary.

By the time students graduate from Rooted, they will have at least (4) industry-recognized credentials in technology if they work for it–not too shabby.

Students progress through their required courses online and at their own pace, mostly. Expert teachers are not far if they need additional support.

Half of our curriculum is co-created with our industry partners–we have (16) and counting. This guarantees that Rooted students are prepared to take entry-level positions–you know, the ones that college graduates apply for–by the end of twelfth grade. 

If our students take these jobs after high school making roughly $60,000 a year, they will save $38,000 in student loans they would’ve paid for a public university. 

We don’t want to share the loans saved from a private university. You’d probably close this page. 

Our students will earn $30,000 more in salary after their first eight years from graduating than their peers who went directly to college or didn’t go to Rooted altogether. And the difference in yearly earnings will continue to widen–on average.

We’ll stop here. Are you beginning to see what’s different?

Q. What does a typical day at Rooted School look like?

School days look different depending on the Session students are in. 

Sessions 1 and 7 days look like this:

9:00-9:20: Morning Stand-up–a time when we gather as a Rooted community to announce things

9:25-10:25: Tech Block–a time when our students progress toward earning their Treehouse Techdegree

10:25-12:25: Morning Academics Block–a time when our students work on a specific subject course at their own pace

12:25-1:25: Lunch + Physical Fitness

1:30-3:30: Afternoon Academics Block or Work Experience Block– a time when our students work on another subject course at their own pace or work with one of our industry partners 

Session 2 through 6 days look like this:

School goes from 9am-5pm, like the average work day for an adult.

9:00-9:20: Morning Stand-up–a time when we gather as a Rooted community to announce things

9:25-11:25: Morning Academics Block–a time when our students work on their English and History courses at their own pace

11:25-12:25: Rooted Seminar + Lunch–a time when we formally onboard our students to Rooted’s culture

12:25-2:25: Afternoon Academics Block– a time when our students work on their Math and Science courses at their own pace 

2:25-4:25:Tech Block–a time when our students switch between industry-focused project classes and progressing toward earning their Treehouse Techdegree 

4:30-5:00: Physical Fitness

Q. Does Rooted also prepare students for college?

Yes. We just also prepare them to go directly into high-growth, high-wage industries in tech.

Q. What types of tech industry-recognized credentials will students earn?

Treehouse Techdegrees in Front-End Web Development, Back-End Web Development, Data Science, AR/VR, and others if they choose.

Certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics if they choose.

Certifications in 3D Printing and Scanning if they choose. 

We will offer other other credentials once we show success with these. Please stay tuned.

Q. Where will Rooted School be located?

We’re deciding between several locations at the moment, though we aim to be as close to downtown as possible since that’s where most of our industry partners are. Our current office is located in the Warehouse District.

Q. When will Rooted School’s start date be?

August 1, 2017 and we couldn’t be happier.